We are looking for talent.

If you have experience as a Realtor but are in the early part of your business then this might be a big launchpad for you. The best part is you can work with us part-time as you build your Realtor business. This could become full time as well. It could even be your own 2nd business.

One of the challenges in Real Estate is that the timing has to be right for someone you know. They need to be ready to buy or sell a home. Given the limited size of most agents network, the timing could be a long time between opportunities.

In our work, the timing is far more often, right. Owner Brokers have challenges. Agents are struggling. Everyone wants to earn more. So the timing will work in your favor. We have training programs for sales skills, communications, and lead generation. Our work is different than the norm.

We are currently looking to subcontract three different roles:

  1. Our sales team. Brand Ambassadors who will meet with managing brokers to explore our solutions against their requirements.
  2. Workshop Leaders to deliver our live classroom programs. We prep you with content, format and facilitation skills.
  3. Technically oriented coaches. We have some awesome software to provide. Most people need a little coaching along the way.


Subcontract business the same as your Realtor arrangement.

  • Brand Ambassadors share in 30% of the sales.
  • Workshop Leaders earn between $800 and $2400 per day.
  • Technology would be paid $50 plus per hour.

Do you think you could excel in any of the above roles? If you do, please fill out the form below and then book an interview session after submitting your information.

Tell Us About You.

We are hiring subcontracts and training in September. Act now if you want it.

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