R. D. Nelson founded Sales in 2008. 

This national class athlete studied Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology in a quest for performance. He was to become a dedicated entrepreneur. Directly out of university, he established a hardcore fitness center and a small string of aerobics centers. Richard always kept his eye on the future and he began to import and distribute Biomechanically Synchronized Exercise Equipment and Ultrasonic Body Composition Testing systems into Canada.

In his quest for Performance, Richard moved away from fitness and into the realm of personal development.  He was appointed to be part of an exciting group of licensed agents who promoted Brian Tracy and Peak Performance into the marketplace. Richard eventually started his own training business. He was an original bringing Neuro Linguistic Programming to the Canadian business marketplace. His field studies included NLP, experiential learning and accelerated learning. He developed a volume of training programs including team development, customer service and leadership. He has always been most interested in professional sales and the need for quality training. 

His desire was always to maximise new capability in the “classroom” and to send his participants home empowered to get better results.

Richard has achieved a lifetime average of 4.4 out of a maximum of 5.0 in post workshop evaluations.
86% of his participants rate his programs as “excellent” of “better than expected”. 

In 2005 another pivot in his performance quest occurred. While assisting a new startup to launch; Performance Innovation gave him a new perspective on the power of process design to make huge gains in results. He learned that if you can change the way a person (and a team) works you can make remarkable performance gains.

In 2008 he established Sales as a vehicle to apply “Process Thinking” to the marketing and sales world. As he was working on innovating new services, he was drawn into the relentless acceleration of technology. With a few key applications, small businesses could have the same capability of big business to find and communicate with the marketplace. He has been a tech specialist ever since.
With a new understanding of process, the marketing and sales functions can be boiled down to opportunity development and opportunity conversion. For some market segments and for many company’s the constraint to their performance is in the opportunity development side of business. He has of late been focusing bringing new tools and training to help with Lead Generation and Prospecting.

Among Richard’s Sales Workshop Designs and Systems are:

  • The New Art of Prospecting

  • Throughput Selling

  • Sales Executive Bootcamp

  • Momentum: The Sales Game

  • The Sales Challenge series.​

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