R. D. Nelson Founder | Research | Product/Service Development 

Richard is a training designer, facilitator and business coach.  He is still involved in much of the selling for our company; believing he has to live it to teach it.

As a national class athlete, his university studies in Exercise Physiology led him to pursue performance. He was the first to import Bio Mechanically Synchronized exercise machines and Ultrasonic Body Composition testing into Canada. He owned a small chain of fitness centers and trained bodybuilders, weightlifters, and powerlifters.

Richard subsequently entered the world of business training and consulting.  He invested five years working with personal development (Peak Performance Training) and process management firms.  His quest for better solutions led to the studies of Neuro Linguistics, Accelerated Learning, and Experiential Learning methods. 

For a three year period, he worked with a process improvement start-up and assisted them to be well-positioned within a very tough sector. With Performance Innovation, he assisted in the marketplace entry of "enterprise Process Performance Management". The results created by the ePPM methodology were quite incredible. Richard then set out on a quest to learn about "Lean" principles and "Theory of Constraints".  Changing the way people work can produce results beyond the ordinary.

In early 2008 he founded Sales Performance.ca to apply the power of Process Re-engineering to assist companies to make massive gains on their top line (and subsequently the bottom line). He is now a leader in applying process thinking to the marketing to the sales cycle.

As a designer and course leader he created and continues to update the following proprietary programs:

  • Throughput Selling B2B

  • Precision Selling B2C

  • The New Art of Lead Generation

  • Team Efficiency 

  • The Sales Challenge

  • The Momentum Sales Game

In post-workshop evaluations, 88% of participant’s rate his program as
"excellent" or "better than expected".

Richard scores an average of 4.6 out of a maximum of 5.0.

Richard has over 24,000 LinkedIn connections and has been named one of the top 1% of profiles visited of the over 600 million members.

We assist business owners, sales executives and salespeople to develop a solid foundation and sales method so that they can exceed themselves. We work to improve your sales, productivity, and profit. We specialize in the design of sales-process, sales, and marketing technology.

We are members of the Center for Sales Performance. The Center for Sales Performance is a global network of sales professionals.

Our Promise

More Profit and Sales. Fewer Sales People.